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ive never had a cucumber sandwich

for those who don’t know, that’s basically cream cheese and cucumber slices

i always felt it would taste weird

i am going to make a wrap version of it and report back

it was alright

i wasn’t wild about it…

Cream cheese!?!! What the heck. Okay, OKAY here is what I know about Cucumber Sandwiches:

Thin slices of fresh fluffy bread, spread with a layer of butter (or margarine for people who don’t want to or can’t eat butter): not too thick - you have to have the butter at room temperature or it will tear the bread. Butter all the way to the edges to protect your bread from the cucumber juice: your sandwich should not be soggy. Layer the bread with slices of crunchy cucumber and a delicate sprinkling of salt and pepper. Top with another buttered slice of bread and then trim the crusts and neatly slice into bite-sized rectangles. (Triangles are also acceptable, but rectangles are preferred)

Serve immediately.

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How to use Duos, Trios, Quads, Quintets???! (A few basic shapes that work with all eye shapes)

The first thing I always tell people when it comes to eye shadow application is - find your socket line. And learn to separate that from your crease. 


There is a myth about applying shadows “on/within your crease”. Well that’s fine if you have very defined, even, thick lid folds. But if you have hooded eyes, mono-lids, or smaller lids where the crease is either not visible or not high enough, many eye-shadow looks can be very unflattering or they simply disappear when you open your eyes. 

What to do? Simply replace the word “crease” with “socket line” from today on. If you have mono-lids and hooded lids, it’s important to blend your shadows UP TO your socket line at least. That not only defines your natural contours but also widens the eye. 

  1. Your socket line is where your eyeball dips into your orbital bone. Close your eyes and feel for it.
  2. Flattering eyeshadow looks are all about "creating shadow and light" in the right places. Even if your eye contours aren’t very defined naturally, placing a bit of deeper color along your socket line and a pale shade in the center of your lid will create the illusion of more pronounced contours without making you look too dramatic.
  3. I DON’T recommend creating a fake socket line higher or lower than your natural one. It can go very very wrong unless you’re an absolute pro.
  4. Many times we use brushes that are way too big or fluffy. If you have small lids or eyes, a smaller, round-ferrule pencil brush like the one from 13rushes can make life a lot easier. Go for the flatter, wider brushes if you have a bigger lid space to work with. 

Now that we’ve got that covered, you can get back to the question of “what the heck do I do with this palette that has 2-3-4-5 shades?!” and look at the images above as a reference for where colors go.

Don’t be restricted by the image with the 4 shadow palettes and the labels on each of the shades. It’s there as a reference but the best thing is to look at the eye charts, because you can use any 2 shades in a quad or a 5-color palette as a duo using a DUO diagram.

Steps don’t include liner (optional) and mascara, so you just add them later.

THESE ARE NOT RULES. They’re just basic guidelines for those who aren’t too familiar with eye makeup yet. 

Lastly, when looking for eyeshadow palettes, here are some beginners’ tips:

  1. My palette has one cream/liner/glitter shade! Well, take those out of the equation and see how many regular shadows are left. If there are 3, shadows left, follow the TRIO diagram. If there are 2, follow the DUO diagrams. 
  2. Erm, so what do I do with base/liner/glitter shades? Apply the base all over from lash line to socket bone before you begin (you don’t need to go all the way to your brows unless you want a dramatic look). For glitter shades, you can apply them as a wash all over when you’re done with the rest of your eyeshadows, or down the center of the eye for a “wet look” when you blink. Liner shades are self explanatory!
  3. DUOS: look for those where 1 shade is the same lightness or lighter than your skin color, and 1 shade is darker/smokier. Doesn’t matter if they are metallic, shimmery, matte, sparkly. For most basic daily makeup looks, you just need a light and dark to define your eyes. 
  4. All palettes: make sure there is a "balance of light to dark shades". This means at least 1 softer shade and at least 1 dark shade that is deep enough to act as a definer shade. (There are a lot of palettes where all 3-4 shades are pretty shimmery pastels. Well, sorry but they’ll look nicer on your vanity table than on your face. You need a darker shade there for definition and contouring in order for the palette to look flattering. 
  5. QUADS: What do you do if there are 2 pale shades? Which should you apply on your brow bone, and which as an accent in the center of your eye? The less shimmery/sparkly one on the brow bone, and the more dramatic and reflective one on the center of the eye. If they’re about the same texture, then it doesn’t matter which you use where.
  6. 5-6 SHADE PALETTES: Many people find them overwhelming, but you really don’t need to wear all the colors everyday. You can pick 2-3 shades and wear them as a duo or trio (See diagrams) easily. So they actually give you the most options!

Some Idiot-proof Eyeshadow recommendations:

Duos: Laura Mercier eyeshadow duos. Always well coordinated, with 1 soft/matte shade and 1 darker, richer one. Takes the guess-work out of eyeshadow application.

Trios: A lot of drugstore brands like Wet n Wild Color Icon have pre-coordinated trios with the shades marked out as lid, crease, browbone for you. Just remember “crease” = socket line. In the higher end range, Dior’s 3 Couleurs are beautifully coordinated and easy to use and blend.

Quads: Tom Fords and Chanels have some of the easier to use luxe quads in the market, but if you’re going for the Tom Fords, remember to minus out the sparkle shades. (E.g. 01 Golden Mink is what I’d consider a duo, not a quad, because there are 2 sparkle shades out of the 4, and I’d apply the 2 satin shades using one of the DUO diagrams above, and then decide how I want to apply the sparkles.)

**Laneige Pure Radiant eyeshadow quads (S$40) are a fantastic alternative - not dupes cos there are no exact palette matches, but great alternatives - for Tom Fords (S$100) because the satins and glitter textures, as well as a few of the shades, are actually very very similar. If you love the look of TFs but find the prices a little steep in Asia, take a look at the Laneige counter! See for yourself!


Quintets: Lancome’s Hypnose palettes are still one of my favorites. They usually have the BEST balance of dark and light shades, and they’re perfectly coordinated with each other, so you can pick any 2-3 shades out of the 5 and go.

**Diors are a good option if you have more mature lids or prefer smoother, more translucent pigments but the 5 couleurs are’t as well-balanced as Lancomes, so unless you’re very experienced and know how to add definition using liner and mascara, I’d pick a few colors and use these palettes as duos and trios rather than a quintet.

If you want to break the rules completely and do it like makeup artists do sometimes, NARS’ duos are pretty much on the opposite spectrum to Laura Mercier.

They do have light vs dark shades too, but there are also tons of funky clashing duos designed for maximum drama on the lids. Stuff like Rated R (lime and blue) and Bysance (yellow and violet) can still be applied using the 2 DUO diagrams above, but the final effect will be VERY bold. Probably better for the club than for school or work.

So very relevant to my current interests.

Helpful if you’re trying to figure out what to do with the Aromaleigh “This Is My Design" colors. I have deep-set eyes, so yeah, I generally blend a "crease" color up to/over my socket line so you can even see it. I’m experimenting with some of the other colors to see what might blend well with the darker or more vivid shades; turns out that Tattler is really, really pretty blended with Everlasting Credit as your lighter shade, like a sunset. It also worked with Yarrow, a matte, and would probably work with a shimmer like Sophie. I’m still working out what might go with Ravenstag and Murder Tie. 

I learnt so much. (Also it’s great to have mono and hooded lids considered!)


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Anonymous asked: it really sucks when people you admire tell you you're not allowed to like something. i get that everyone reacts to things differently, but i think you're being incredibly shame-y in your statements. you're not saying, 'i think you're wrong and disagree with you' you're saying 'you ARE wrong and probably some sort of fucked up', which feels really shitty and is not what i've come to expect from you. i respect your right to state your opinion, but you should know how it affects others.



Ah, I’m sorry, I worded this irresponsibly then.

I think liking a relationship in fiction is different from saying you want a similar relationship in your real, actual life. So what I really mean to say when I talk about being worried for girls who love the Drogo/Dany thing is that I’m scared they might be romanticizing that dynamic in reality (specifically, the women who say I WANT MY OWN KHAL DROGO OMG I WANT WHAT THEY HAVE! <333). 

Enjoying something as a fantasy is totally different. Like, I know that a lot of people think Peter Hale is crazy hot and they like to imagine him doing dirtywrong things to them with a dirtywrong smirk on his face, and that’s all cool like whatever sprinkles your cinnamon man.

But I’d be like OKAY NO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON if anyone I knew ever told me they wanted a boyfriend just like Peter Hale, because he’s just so perfect and it’s so sweet that he hasn’t actively tried to kill anyone for twelve episodes.

I did not (and would not) say “you’re wrong if you like Dany/Drogo and it makes your heart and/or loins flutter;” I was specifically referring to him being categorized as gentle and sweet and ideal, which I felt reflected a dangerous and troubling hand-waving of the way the relationship started and the way Drogo textually treats women and slaves. Drogo himself would probably chop off the head off anyone who called him gentle and sweet. When women read him in a way that strips his threatening nature away, I think it shows that they’ve been conditioned to accept abusive conditions as romantic and I think that needs to be addressed because it’s scary as fuck.

But I’m really sorry if all that didn’t translate. I saw a comment on a post comparing Drogo to Thor in a list of “sweet lovable guys” and my whole brain just sort of… left the planet. So I wasn’t following my thoughts all the way through :(

One of my favourite novels is Wuthering Heights, and Heathcliff so clearly loves her, he has the best lines about her - but he’s also a raping puppy strangling abusive bastard

I can appreciate him loving her, and i can wish I was loved like that I wouldnt’ let him anywhere near me or my dog

the same with the phantom of the opera, he loves her to the point of murder, he’s going to blow up the opera house for her - not necessarily husband material although I can say oh that’s so romantic and swoon reading the book

we like bastards, but we don’t want them, we want our characters to do what we would not, and sometimes that’s taming the asshole or at least being the subject of his obsession. Jane Eyre is still popular because it’s so easy to erase her from the narrative

but in reality - it doesn’t make sense

but then again, people still think Romeo and Juliet is romantic and Daisy loved Gatsby and Dracula loved Mina

often “romantic” “epoch destroying” “world building” love affairs like this - end up with someone dead 

that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t swoon when we’re reading the books, it’s just, well, it’s okay to want to be loved like that, with that passion and focus, but it’s the same thing as a shiny pale person sitting outside your window watching you fart in your sleep - there has to be a level.

It’s also intoxicating to be loved like that, or even the idea - and often the more of a bastard they are the more intoxicating that relationship seems. but that’s because most women have awful self esteem issues - and even without that someone being willing to blow up the paris opera house for you, to the point they built the bomb - that’s going to be flattering regardless.

So I agree completely, I just understand a little better why

I think the idea that someone loves you SO MUCH and so unconditionally that nothing you can do will make them stop loving you and they will do anything and everything to be with you is very compelling especially for those of us who have had people stop loving us (ie: most people). 

But you know who “loves” you forever no matter what you do and there is no way to make them stop and they will do anything to be with you and nothing anyone does or says will make them give up or stop or change their minds? fucking creepy stalkers. 

If the only difference between a romantic hero and a fucking psychopathic stalker creep is the way the subject feels about them then I… think there’s a problem there. 

(Obviously wank to whatever you want! Daydream forever about stuff you don’t actually really want because that’s what daydreams are for! Hifive! No shame! I’m not even going to admit to some of the creepy stuff I wank to or daydream about)

Just speaking as someone who’s stalker still occasionally emails after nearly a decade of no contact from me whatsoever… That kind of passion and focus? It’s not actually that much fun.  And it’s not even flattering because if nothing I do or say matters to him then… Well, it’s not actually me he wants. It’s some imaginary dream person that I can’t even reach to knock off that pedestal.

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Does anyone with a chronic mental illness ever really accept that they’ll never be truly ‘better’?

Just when I think I’m okay with the idea that there’s better times, but not a ‘better forever’, I have a moment where I just can’t (or don’t want to) believe that there won’t be a magic moment where I’m permanently fixed.

Knowing you won’t feel like this forever doesn’t help when you know that you will feel like this again. And again. For the rest of your life.

Does it get better? Really?

Right now I am going through a phase where accepting that this is basically the way things are and the way things will continue to be indefinitely is actually helping me cope. When my mood dips down I know for sure it will come back up again… but I also know it will slip down again. 

Sometimes I feel like some kind of apocalypse conspiracist trying to calculate how many boxes of microwavable curry and rice I need in the cupboard, how many tins of canned spaghetti. 

Sometimes pretending that this is a once off or an unusual situation and that if I do everything “correctly” this will never happen again is the only way to survive - but I’m glad I haven’t had to play that game recently. I’ve swung into pretending thinking that if I prepare adequately then one day it won’t be so hard to climb out again.

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insomnius asked: hiiiiii

It’s a long way back home
I heard the wings beat on the wind tonight
Well, when you go
It couldn’t happen to a better man
(Six am, day after Christmas)

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apparentle asked: Hi


We were parked in your car,
I need, I feel a love,
life just begun, our sleeping new son,
sophomore year,
tired of the things I do so bad at, but I do.

yay bnl!

ALSO I am going to play this game too. Send me a “Hi” in my ask box and I will create you a poem from first lines of a shuffled playlist

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So it seems I have two Harry Potter fics I am writing and I’ve written actual words on a screen for both of them. It’s not too late for that sort of thing, right?