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words to use instead of crazy






wild. unbelievable. out of this world. silly. erratic. unhinged. astonishing. implausible. incredible. inconceivable (princess bride bonus points). outlandish. preposterous. doubtful. dubious. far-fetched. strange.


i totally feel this 

but isn’t unhinged just a synonym for crazy? Like, someone who is unhinged is mentally ill right? 

Yeah, I would not use “unhinged”. It’s a metaphorical description of someone who’s “crazy”. 

'absurd' is a good one.

"Zany" is another one.

(Also, since these words are all geared towards different contexts where “crazy” might be used, it might be useful to organize them into a chart by purpose as the list grows.)

I’ve recently trained myself  (becoming less of a jerk with the words I use is an ongoing project) out of reflexive use of “crazy”. My ridiculous work situation recently has given me lots of opportunities to use a bunch of words I might have just used “crazy” to cover in the past. My favourites are “weird”, “ridiculous” and “bizarre”.

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The core cast of Teen Wolf characters (Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Chris, Allison, Kira, Lydia, Derek, Jackson, Erica, Boyd, Cora) including villains (Gerard, Kate, Kali, Matt, Deucalion, Ethan, Aiden, Jennifer, Nogitsune, Peter, Victoria) are

  • 58.3% men
  • 41.6% women
Of these, 10 have left the show permanently. Minus the two who are still alive in universe (Jackson and Cora), this leaves 8 major character deaths. Of these 8, 6 deaths were women. That’s 75%.
When you take the pool of antagonists, there are
  • 36% women
  • 64% men
5 of the six antagonist deaths were women. That’s 83%. Every single female antagonist has died while only one major male antagonist has died. Peter Hale died and was RESURRECTED, but every female villain has died and stayed dead.
How many minor character deaths or mentioned deaths have been women? Laura Hale, Talia Hale, Stiles’ mother, Heather, Malia Tate’s mother and sister. This show has a serious problem with fridging women in a cast that is already male dominated and it needs to be addressed.

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In an alternate universe there is a TV show called Teen Wolf

And someone who didn’t really watch the show that closely (maybe they were dating someone that watched it so they sat through it while checking twitter and maybe they miss an episode here and there and don’t care enough to fill the gaps) somehow came through a portal to OUR universe. And they met Jeff Davis and told him about the show.

And that’s it. That’s… our version of Teen Wolf.

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Anonymous asked: What is marmalade? :o


It’s basically jam I’m not sure that there’s a real distinction between them.

Marmalade is citrus jam with fruit peel in it and it is bitter and sweet and delicious.